Amsterdam Update 1

Hi friends and family! If you’re reading this, that means you signed up for my updates while I’m in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Munich, Germany. Hopefully these updates will be happening every week or so. Thank you so much for the prayers, kind texts, and encouragement. You have no idea how much they mean to me and how powerful they are. 

There are times throughout these updates that I will not write out full words or use specific details like names and places. This is to protect our friends who live here so their work won’t be hindered.

I have been here in Amsterdam with my team for a full week now! My team consists of two other girls from Texas and myself. The first couple of days we got over jet lag and met all of our friends who are here working to advance the G*spel. I have already learned so much from them. They have all been incredibly hospitable to us and have provided meals, family away from home, and encouragement. We began training a few days after we arrived here. We were taught a couple of strategies about how to share the G*spel with our specific people group, and how to begin conversations and bridge those conversations from simple, small talk to sharing about Christ. Then we went out and shared in one of our communities. I didn’t get to share with anyone, but I watched as one of my friends shared in Dutch to a woman. Many people speak English here, but some only speak Dutch or are not comfortable with their English. The next day we were sent on a “scavenger hunt” to become familiar with the communities we’ll be in during our time in Amsterdam. We managed to navigate our way through the city by bus, tram, and metro successfully!

Today was amazing! We went to one of our communities, and in the morning we prayer walked and asked Father for opportunities to share. During this time I was honestly very afraid and nervous about sharing with people. Father kept reminding me of Jeremiah 1:7-8 which says, “Then the Lord said replied: ‘Don’t say I’m to young, for you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you to say. And don’t be afraid of the people for I will be with you and help you.'” Although I was still nervous, I had peace because He is with me. That is sufficient. I am imperfect and cannot do it on my own, even if I were the best speaker (I’m not) and had the whole Bible memorized (I don’t). The enemy wants to do everything in his power to keep our mouths shut to prevent us from sharing, but we must resist that fleshly desire to be comfortable. For the message of Life to spread, we have to get uncomfortable sometimes.

In the afternoon we got to fully share the G*spel with one woman! We saw her sitting by herself in one of the plazas in our community. Of course it was awkward randomly going and sitting by her, but then we started talking about the weather, and I got know her. The Spirit guided the conversation, and eventually opened up a door to share Jesus. She was so kind and very open to listening. We got her information, so we plan on meeting up with her at least one other time while we’re here.

The rest of the week looks very similar to what we did today: prayer walking and sharing with people. In two weeks, we will have a team of students come in from the states, and we will lead them around this city and our specific communities to do the same.

Please pray for:

*boldness to share as much as we can while we’re here.

*our sweet friend we met today. Pray Father will make her question her current beliefs and point her to Himself. Pray we will have more opportunities to talk with her and share with her again.

*team unity. We are having so much fun together and work really well together! Please pray that will continue.

Thank you so much for the prayers and love! I’m so thankful for the amazing support!



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  1. Wilton and Kay Mabry says:

    Thanks for writing, Hannah. It’s always a blessing to hear from you. Love, Mamma

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