Final Amsterdam Update

I am currently sitting in Schiphol, the airport in Amsterdam. One of the girls on my team and I are about to fly to Munich, Germany to do what we’ve been doing here in ‘Dam: pr*yer walking through specific communities with our people group, sharing the G*spel, and leading short term teams of students from the States to do the same. Pr*yers are appreciated as we get ready to travel.

We had a team of short term students join us on June 13th and stay through the 20th. There were nine students (ages 14-17) and five adult leaders that we had the joy of learning from, leading, and teaching. Their first day they arrived at 5:30am, so we had to keep them up all day so they could recover from jet lag. The next four days were ministry days. Every morning they were taught by the Ms that live here. The Ms taught their strategy on how to reach our people group and make disciples. We took them to the communities we’ve been going to to pr*yer walk and share with people. The first day we encouraged them to pr*y and be observant of their surroundings and the best places to engage people to share with them. The second day we taught them our method of sharing the G*spel with our people group. This team caught the vision and immediately went out and engaged people and shared. They were SO incredibly bold, praise Father. They had great conversations, and were so persistent in pr*yer when they weren’t sharing. It was so encouraging to us, who had been here for three weeks and still had difficulty sharing, to see them confidently stepping out and doing what we were asking them to do and with such joy. Every evening we would come together and the students would share their stories. Throughout the entire month we’ve been here, including the week the students were here, over 50 people have heard the G*spel! Seeds were definitely scattered far and wide this past month, and I’m so thankful the Ms are here continuing the work Father is doing.

Please pr*y for:

-The people we have gotten to share with this month. Pr*y the seeds will be watered by others who come along and share with them, and that Father will reveal Himself to them by whatever means necessary.

-The students we got to lead! As they are now home, the enemy will be attacking them severely. Pr*y they can continue to seek Father and be just as bold has they were here back at home in their communities and schools.

-Our time in Munich. We are so excited to meet the Ms there and join in on the work Father is doing. We will have a team of short term students arriving just a few days after we get there, so pr*y we can learn the transportation system and be prepared for their arrival.

Thank you so much for all of the pr*yers and encouragement. I am so thankful for the support!




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