Co: Missioned (Videos)

The Gathering (short)
The Gathering (long)

Background: This video(s) is called The Gathering. The Gathering was an event back in February that I videoed by default. The Gathering was a getting together of five different college ministries including Acts 242 in Stephenville, Paradigm Bible Study in San Angelo, Memorial Baptist College Ministry in Belton, VictoryLife College Minsitry in Lubbock, and ParadigmU in Norman, Oklahoma. All of these ministries are a part of Co:Mission, and organization that promotes discipleship and the principles of Acts 2:42 in ministry, but specifically college ministries. The goal is for college students to grow closer to Christ and be disciples of Jesus who make disciples. This footage was gathered during The Gathering on a Thursday before Spring Break at Paradigm, the college bible study and worship service in Stephenville that is put on by the Acts 242 college ministry. Paradigm happens weekly, but this was a special one because it was simulcasted to the other ministries a part of Co:Mission. I took this footage completely on my phone, an iPhone 7 for the first few videos, but then my phone died. My friend was gracious enough to let me borrow her’s, an iPhone X, which was much better quality. Typically we have all of the Paradigm worship services recorded by our media team, but this particular night, because we were simulcasting to other campuses, the media team wasn’t able to dually record and simulcast. In my journalistic nature, I thought, “oh my goodness, we are making history in this ministry and no one is recording it.” Thus, I broke out my phone and the “documentary” began. 

Editing Style: While it wasn’t an interview as much as a recording of different speakers, I edited the way I did to give the genuine impression that we are a team. While I could’ve left the individual videos the way they were, individual speakers talking about their individual ministries, I wanted to focus more on Co:Mission as a whole, and I thought the best way to do that was to break it up. I know I interviewed ethically because I had nothing to do with it besides the filming and editing. I wasn’t asking misleading or manipulative questions, I was just recording what everyone else heard: The truth of the gospel and the heart of this ministry I am so passionate about. The one concern that might arise is that I cut certain parts out, which is true for the sake of time. However, that is why I made one short video and one long one, so viewers could choose for themselves how invested they wanted to become. Hopefully if any questions of ethics arise after watching the first video, the second, longer version would provide more information and clarity. Of course, if there are any questions of ethics, the easiest way to clear that up is to contact me directly. In fact, I would love to know if something I produced seemed unethical in any way. I strive for professionalism and clarity in my filming, editing, interviewing, and writing. 

Thanks for checking it out, and, as always, let me know what you think!


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