D-WHAT? 2019

This is a video I made for the youth group at FBC Stephenville. They had their Disciple Now (DNOW) Weekend April 26-28. I was currently the youth intern but have recently gotten a new job. While there were hard parts about working at the church with the youth (as there are with any job), I really enjoyed my time as the intern and saw God move in many ways through me, the students, and my boss, Ryan.

God was so faithful the weekend of Disciple Now. We saw lots of things “click” for many students, meaning it seemed that some of the concepts we talk about weekly were finally understood by many who attended. We also saw two students accept Christ as their Savior, which is an amazing victory for the Kingdom. One of the coolest parts for me was that one of the girls who accepted Christ was actually led to the Lord by another girl in our youth group. The girl who led her friend to the Lord is only in 9th grade, and it’s obvious she has a burning passion to share the gospel with those around her who haven’t heard. I am so proud of the students and loved interacting with them this weekend.

The DNOW Schedule is as follows:


6:30pm Check in at the church

7pm Worship (led by Nick Gainey Band and Josh Humbert)

8:30pm Small Groups (Led by small group discussion leaders)

9:30pm Go to Host Homes (Students stayed in church members’ homes. You think that’s amazing…but get this: One of the host homes had TWENTY-ONE JUNIOR HIGH BOYS. She bought 4 gallons of milk TOO MANY. Sorry for the all caps but that is wacko and so brave, people. We know they love Jesus.)


8am Breakfast at Host Homes

9am Worship at Church

11:15am Small Groups

12pm Lunch

1pm Evangelism Training

2-5pm Walk 2gether (Students and small group leaders went into the community with $5 a person to spend time together)

5pm Dinner at Host Homes

6pm Worship

8pm Small Groups and Ice cream

9pm Late Night Games

10:30pm Head to Host Homes!


9am Breakfast and Small Group Bible Study

10:30 Worship led by Snow Speaker and Band

12pm Weekend is over!

I hope you see a little bit what DNOW is like with all of it’s crazy and fun awesomeness. Youth Ministry is cool. Let me know what you think! -HJM

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